Brent Montgomery, Real Estate Photographer, Commercial and Residential

About ME

Who is Brent?

D. Brent Montgomery is a long time resident of Jacksonville, having moved here in 1974 with his parents and only sibling. He began his photo career at Edward H. White Sr. High School, as the photographer for the school newspaper, he was recognized by the local afternoon newspaper at the time, "The Jacksonville Journal" for his photo journalism and received first place out of the area high school photographers in an annual photo competition.  He then moved on to become Photo Editor of the class yearbook.  The yearbook won acclaim from the nation's largest yearbook publisher, Taylor Publishing, Corp. for excellence and was used as a model by the school for future yearbook publications.  He also worked in real estate sales and did his own photography for his listings.  He applied what he learned to the senior living industry, to market assisted living communities.  He applies this knowledge in his work today, as he sets up each photograph to portray the best image of the subject matter.